Full form of computer basic: full form of computer

Full form of computer basic ki jankari is article mein aap logo ko dunga. Full form of computer ka Jitna Bhi basic naam hai wah Sab Mein main aap logo ko is article ke Madhyam se dunga. Aap Logon se yeah nivedan Hai Ki aap log Hamare article ko Pura padhe aur computer ki puri Jankari prapt Karen to Chaliye Shuru Karte Hain.

Full form of computer basic
Full form of computer basic

Full form of computer basic

Computer full form main aap logo ko batane ja raha hoon, waise to To sabhi ko pata hoga computer ke form ke bare mein lekin Agar nahi pata hai to main aaj aap logo ko bataunga.

U-Used for
E-Education and

Doston mein aap logo ko Bata Do Ki Is Duniya Mein is technology Duniya Mein computer ka bahut hi mahatva hai computer Ke Bina koi kaam Sambhav Nahin Hai Chahe Hua Koi Bhi company Ho Chahe hua Koi Bhi Online Kaam Ho.

Aiye computer ke kuch part ke bare mein Jante Hain

● ALU – arithmetic logic unit

● ASCII – American standard code for information interchange

● AT – advance technology

● computer – common oriented machine particularly used for trade education

● A.C – Alternating current

● AF – Audio frequence

● AMD – Advanced micro device

● ALE – Addrss latch enable

● B – Base

● BJT – Bipoler junction transistor

● BCD – Binary coded decimal

● BGA – Ball grid array

● BTB – Branch target buffer

● BBUL – Bumpless build up layer.

● C – Collector

● CE – Common emmitor

● CB – Common base

● CC – Common collector

● CRO – Cathode ray oscilloscope

● CRT – Cathode ray tube

● CS – Chip select

● CE – Chip enable

● CISC – Complex instruction set computer

● CPGA – Ceramic pin grid array

● D.C. – Direct current

● DPST – Double pole double throw

● DPDT – Double pole double throw

● DIP – Dual in-line pakage

● DMA – Diectmemory access

● ECG – Electro cardio graphs

● EMF – Electro motive force

● EBCDIC – Extended binary coded decimal interchange coad

● ECC – Error chaking & correction.

● EMI – Electro maganatic inductor.

● E – Emittor

● FET – Field effect transistor

● FCPGA – Flip chips pin gird array

● HOLD – Hold indicates

Main jo aap logo ko kuch pal ke naam computer Ke Jo Bataye Hain aur main aap logo ko Aage bataunga bad mein. Doston mein bata do aap ko computer Ek bahut hi achchi Technology hai Jiske Aa Jane Se Hamare Desh ki sarkar ko kaafi aasani se apne kaam ko karne mein madad mil rahi hai.

Computer Ek Aisa Technology hai joki pure Vishwa mein bahut hi jyada iska upyog Kiya jata hai. Doston Jab Se computer Aaya Hua Hai Tab Se Logon Ko kaam bahut hi Aasan ho gaya hai Chahe wo online kaam karna ho ya kuch bhi aap log Jante Honge aap log janseva Kendra par Jate Honge wahan par jane ke baad aap log form bharne ke liye dukandar se Kehte Hain Ki Hamara form Bhar Do bus Hua form Bhar deta hai bas 10 minute ka kaam Hota Hai aap Logon Ka Kaam Aasan ho jata hai.

Computer Ek Aisa advanced technology hai Jiska istemal pure Vishwa Ki Sarkar karti hai. Computer Ek Aisi Technology hai Jo 100 Aadmi ka kaam Akele karta hai.

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